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Farber Coach Works

The Farber Coach Works group was launched in 1990. Our single minded purpose is “getting our client’s vehicle back on the road”, we call it our essence! We are in the business that engages with people after they have been in an accident, so it is in our best interest that our clients do not go through any additional trauma to get their vehicle back on the road.

Our auto body repair employees are trained by the car manufacturer themselves. Our customer services department and our workshop are in constant communication with one another to ensure that the client is updated on a regular basis as to the status of the restoration process. This ensures that our clients are continuously communicated with and updated, to manage expectations.

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Auto Body Repairs approved by all major Insurance Companies

Our ABR (auto body repair, panelbeating services) are approved by all major insurance companies and understand their claims processes. We facilitate the completion of the claims and assessment process.

Quality ABR Workmanship

We have positioned Farber Coach Works as an extension of the insurance companies, brokers and car manufacturers. Our systems and processes are specifically designed to ensure that the claims process is made as painless as possible for both our clients and insurance partners.

Farber Coach Works auto body repair/ panelbeating services approved by all major vehicle manufacturers:

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